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GRowing TeLlIchErRy

The pepper vines is planted in nurseries, and carefully attended to.

The pepper vine need something to climb on, a tree or a concrete pillar, and can reach up to 40 feet in the right conditions.

It takes the vine tree years to mature and flower. When the berries are ripe they are picked by hand. It's a had work, but for an experienced picker it takes about half an hour to pick a vine.

The ripen berries start to change color from gren to red. Thats the time for harvest.

The fresh peppercorns are then stored in sacks in the field to be transported

The pepper used to be trampled by human feets, but today its more common to use this machine to pick of the berries from the stalks.

The peppercorns are laid out on a concrete court to dry. 

In the hot Kerala cimate it just takes three days for the pepper to be dried

The pepper are sorted in three different categories. Only the biggest ones qualify for the grade "Tellicherry garbeled special extra bold"

The pepper is then transported i brighty painted trucks in chaotic indian traffic...

...Only to be held back of cows crossing the road!