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Soup is classic. Comforting. People will always love it, want it and need it. But they’re not always just looking for chicken soup for the soul… they’re looking for the same exciting flavours they expect from their other meals. It’s time to reinvent soup.


Soup works for every season. Whether winter warmers, or refreshing gazpachos, there’s one thing they all need and that’s a great stock. Use Santa Maria spice and seasoning mixes, curry pastes and sauces to pack your soups with the flavours of Asia, India and Latin American. Think lentil and cauliflower soup with oranges or corn chowder with mushrooms and piri piri.


What’s not to like about soup? It’s a superb way to showcase local and season ingredients, has high nutritional value, is economical to make and enjoy, and environmentally is a great way to reduce waste.  It’s a win win for you and the consumer. And don’t forget, soup’s best buddy is of course a sandwich, so it’s a great accompaniment on your menu.