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Who wants mainstream, when you can have inspired? Street food is progressive, dynamic and bang on trend. It’s about offering a bit of adventure to your ever-curious consumers.


How it works

World-To-Go helps you hit the streets of Ho Chi Minh, Istanbul, Singapore, New York and even Mexico City… with 10 flavour enhancing toppings and sauces in handy squeeze bottles, with recipes to match.

They’ll give you endless opportunity to add variety to your menu, helping you create authentic food that packs a punch. Food that your consumers are willing to pay extra for!

Doing things really well


Why it works

Consumers are looking for food that has real character, inspired by those flavours being served-up by skilled street food artists in their market stalls and food trucks. And you need it to be quick, simple and cost effective. We can do that. The opportunity is HUGE, with 50% of people buying street food at least once a week, craving the variety, spice and flavour of something new*.

So when you want to give your menu (and sales) a lift, think… smoked jalapeños in our Santa Maria Chipotle for a pulled pork burger with real bite. Or our Santa Maria Mexican Fajita Spice Mix and Santa Maria Mexican Hot Sauce for a true taste of Mexico in your burritos and fajitas. *Source: Santa Maria Foodservice Street Food Report 2014